Nationwide Fibre Glass


Industry-leading expertise

RES-TEC is manufactured by Scott Bader Company Ltd. - a company with over 60 Year's experience in polyester chemistry, they have an excellent reputation for development in high quality materials backed by unrivalled technical expertise and outstanding customer support. The team includes experienced and respected players from a broad range of industries including polyester resin development and manufacture; composites, polyurethanes and liquid roofing systems.

Tough, durable and impact-resistant

RES-TEC uses a powder hardener for faster curing and is also reinforced with fibreglass CSM for added durability and crack-resistance. The completed membrane is also extremely tough and resistant to impact and whilst easily accommodating foot traffic. The system can coat several common surfaces including felt, concrete, asphalt, GRP and timber, whichs means that roofs can be overlaid without the need for strip and replace works.

Safety and Efficiency

Res-Tec systems are fire tested to BS 476-3 Rating: F.AA and EN 13501-5(4) Rating: BROOF(t4). This is the highest rating a flat roof system can achieve and allows for unrestricted use under UK regs. The products are also LABC Registered Detail certified (Certificate No.EW1000), ensuring compliance with the latest building rules and legislation.

Low maintenance, high performance

Res-Tech roofing systems are amongst the highest performing products in the industry - as well as being one of the most high performing. RES-TEC single resin system can be repaired or overcoated without grinding down. The system is applied as a one coat (10 year repair system) or two coat (20 year roofing system) system, using 225g/m2 fibreglass CSM for extra tough membrane protection that lasts decades.