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Dry Seal

What is Dry Seal?

Fast becoming the specification choice of a growing number of Housing Associations, Dryseal is the unique component based fibreglass or glass reinforced polyester (GRP) roofing system. It comes with a 20 year insurance backed guarantee on materials and labour. Unlike ‘wet lay’ systems, the Dryseal system is supplied pre-cured and ready to install. All Dryseal GRP trims and membrane are manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental controls and are ready for installation on site.


Dryseal is a waterproofing membrane system made from Glass Reinforced Polyester, which is commonly referred to as GRP or fibreglass. It is different from ‘wet lay’ systems in that the whole system is made up from preformed components packed ready to mechanically fix and joint on site.


Dryseal is manufactured in the UK in accordance with strict BS EN ISO 9001-2008 Quality Control procedures. British Board of Agrément (BBA) product performance and compliance standards are applied to Dryseal.


The means of fixing and jointing make Dryseal quicker to install than 'wet lay' systems but more robust than 'single ply' PVC membranes, because of its high impact resistance.


Dryseal is a versatile, flexible system which can be used with ease on projects in 'cold' or 'warm' roof configurations from a Leisure Centre through to a domestic extension. It is proven to deliver 20 year guaranteed BBA certified dependability, with an expected life in excess of 30 years.


Dryseal can be easily used in a re-roof. The existing roof deck can be used, as long as it is in good condition, and with the addition of insulation to form a 'warm' roof, the cost benefits become rapidly obvious. 1. Reduces land-fill costs if the existing roof covering is overlaid. 2. Reduces labour costs. 3. Reduces risk during installation due to shorter 'open' times. 4. Reduces long-term risk as Dryseal is guaranteed against leaks for 20 years. 5. Lower embodied CO2 than any comparable roofing system.

Major Clients

Dryseal can be used for a wide range of commercial installations, such as a private hospital in Sligo, Ireland, where the original failed asphalt roof was overlaid with 100mm insulation and Dryseal. The improvements have resulted in huge savings to heating costs.


Dryseal's ease of detailing, robust resistance to damage, extensive colour choice and aesthetics have led to repeated use by major clients across the UK and Ireland. Dryseal has been successfully installed for over 20 years and continues to be the first choice for many specifiers.


Dryseal is mechanically fixed and accommodates thermal expansion and contraction forces within the system itself, unlike 'wet lay' GRP systems. As a result of this, there is no need for expansion joints within the membrane, except where a construction joint or localised building movement is present.


The colour of Dryseal's polyester top coat can be tailored to suit client requirements and mixed to any BS or RAL colour.