Nationwide Fibre Glass

Crystic Roof

Incredible performance across all roofing structures

Crystic Roof is manufactured by Scott Bader Company Ltd. - a company with over 60 Year's experience in polyester chemistry, they have an excellent reputation for development in high quality materials backed by unrivalled technical expertise and outstanding customer support. This revolutionary system lasts significantly longer than other traditional roof materials, with the ability to be formed into any shape, regardless of how complex that shape may be. Crystic Roof's incredible performance across all roofing structures is perfect for multiple building scenarios.

Industry-leading features

An in-situ, cold-applied, glass-reinforced polyester roofing system which provides a powerful, leak-free, long-lasting alternative to traditional roofing materials, such as bitumen, felt and lead. A high performance solution for all roof structures, including flat, valley and pitched - and for all shapes, including walkways, roof-lights and balconies the elimination of the need for heating equipment.

Strong, leak-free and durable

Crystic Roof will last a lot longer than standard roofing material and can be transformed into any shape, no matter how complex, including walkways, balconies, roof-lights. When applied correctly, Crystic Roof remains water tight and maintenance-free for many years - significantly reducing the chances of costly repair and maintenance work.

Key benefits and features of Crystic Roof include :

• Water-tight formula • Range of colours to help personalise your project • Innovative system that works across a range of roofing formats • Cost reduction in maintenance and repairs