Nationwide Fibre Glass

Why Customers Choose Nationwide Fibreglass

From Dryseal to Flexitec, Nationwide Fibreglass have been delivering fibreglass flat roof construction services and fibreglass products to customers across Ireland for over 12 years. We’re passionate about delivering industry-leading products and services to each and every one of our clients, and some of our succesful projects can be viewed on this page. 

Clients across a range of industries place their trust in us thanks to our leading expertise and long-developed experience. Based in the heart of County Offaly in Ireland’s midlands, our central location allows us to fit bespoke flat roof fibre glassings for homes, businesses and organisations across all 32 counties in the island. Our extensive portfolio of past work and projects places us in an optimum position to find the perfect solution for your project.

Don’t just listen to what we say, however. View examples of successful projects we have completed across both residential and commercial sectors. To make further enquiries about our past projects or to get information around pricing, materials and more, get in touch with our dedicated team today.


What Our Clients Say