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Nationwide Fibreglass: The Best for Weatherproof Roofing in Northern Ireland

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Thinking of renovating your home just in time for the winter season? With Northern Ireland’s tendency for erratic weather, you don’t want these unpredictable conditions impacting your home on the inside, or the outside.

The best investment you can make is in robust weatherproof roofing solutions, to take you through rain or shine and increase the protection and durability of your home’s external structure.

Preparation is key for when the weather is going to be at its worst – so we at Nationwide Fibreglass have done all the research for you. For typically wet and windy Northern Ireland living conditions, we recommend our Crystic Roof products and installation services as the best solution.

Why Crystic Roof is the best option for Northern Ireland homes

There is a vast array of benefits that come with choosing Crystic Roof as a fibreglass roofing option, particularly if you are situated in Northern Ireland. Crystic Roof is an innovative, high-performance, durable solution suitable for all roof structures. Its superior technology means the standard remains unparalleled despite the weather, with incredibly low maintenance required once installed.

The key benefits of Crystic Roof include:


The Crystic Roof system is revolutionary in comparison to traditional roof materials, as it can be easily constructed to suit any shape required – regardless of complexity – therefore making it an ideal option for multiple building scenarios. Whether it be a flat, valley or pitched roof – or even for walkways, roof lights and balconies – it can be formed in accordance. At Nationwide Fibreglass, we also offer a range of colours to help personalise your project and make your exact vision a reality.

Weather resistance

It’s not just Crystic Roof’s versatility that makes it a strong solution – it is unbeatable in terms of performance and resilience. The system boasts strong, leak-free qualities that allow it to effectively resist passage of moisture into the building once applied. This makes its water-tight formula a trusted option for particularly Northern Ireland-based homes, protecting homes from years of drizzly rain to torrential downpour. It also has a significant resistance to damage and foot traffic associated with installation and maintenance, proving its strength throughout the installation process and beyond.


The Crystic Roof system will provide a sturdy waterproof covering with a service life of at least 20 years. A GRP laminate formed under satisfactory conditions can maintain its integrity for 30 years, meaning the maximum durability will supersede other alternative weatherproof roofing options. Upon certification of the system, the results of accelerated ageing tests confirmed that successful retention of physical properties is achieved with Crystic Roof. When applied correctly, Crystic Roof remains water-tight and maintenance-free for many years – providing our customers with significant cost reduction in upkeep and repair fees for decades post-installation.

Investing in the quality and stability of your roof is important no matter where you live and is an excellent decision to make. It can enhance any property type, be personalised to suit your preference, add protection from challenging elements such as the weather, as well as help you save money when considering long-term home improvements.

Here at Nationwide Fibreglass, we are approved Crystic Roof installers with over 12 years’ experience and expertise in the fibreglass roofing industry. That’s why we are the best in the business for weatherproof roofs and are recognised as Ireland’s leading provider of flat weatherproof roofing construction services and fibreglass products.

We also offer consultation services to determine your exact needs and what options are best for you, no matter where you are in the island of Ireland. Call us for a free quotation on 0866055018 or contact us via email to:

The Nationwide Fibreglass headquarters are based in Portarlington, County Offaly, in the heart of the Irish midlands. This central location puts us in an ideal location to work with customers in all locations across Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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