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From cityscapes to the countryside: the best fibreglass for Dublin

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Dublin is a diverse place. From its commercial cosmopolitan cityscape to its rural countryside hometowns. In Ireland, we have the luxury of choosing from the best of both worlds: our bustling concrete jungle and our quieter rustic escapisms. If you are a part of it, you will understand how much the distinct architectural structures define the capital’s individuality.

At Nationwide Fibreglass, we have served all corners of Dublin, as we can offer roofing solutions to suit the best of both worlds too. From commercial office buildings to cosy family homes, our products and expertise go beyond any other fibreglass provider and installer in Ireland. As we work closely with the products when both selling and utilising, we can guarantee you are getting top roofing service and solutions when you choose Nationwide Fibreglass.

Although we stock a wide range of top quality, established and innovative roofing systems that are all specially made to be waterproof, tough and enduring – we believe Dryseal is the best option to service the whole of Dublin.

What is Dryseal?

Dryseal is a unique component-based glass reinforced polyester (GRP) fibreglass roofing system. It comes with a 20-year insurance backed guarantee on materials and labour, with an expected lifespan of 30 years plus.  

What makes Dryseal different from other products is that unlike ‘wet lay’ systems, the Dryseal system is supplied pre-cured and ready to install. All Dryseal trims and membrane are manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental controls and are readily available for installation on site. Dryseal is a flexible system which can be easily fitted for ‘cold’ or ‘warm’ roof configurations, whether it be for Leisure Centres through to domestic extensions for example.

Therefore, not only is it a convenient, quicker option, its ability to be altered in accordance to the client’s needs and overall quality is also ranked highly by certifiers and customers across the industry.

Dryseal also boasts a range of versatile aesthetic features, including ease of detailing, resilient resistance to damage and extensive colour choices. Due to its flexibility depending on the needs of the roof – in this case, for both Dublin’s domestic and commercial installations – the Dryseal system has significantly increased in popularity all over the UK and Ireland.

Suitable for housing refurbishments

For homes that need a roofing revamp, Dryseal can easily be used in a re-roofing scenario. Providing the existing roof deck is in a suitable condition, it can also be covered with insulation to create a ‘warm roof’. The benefits are substantial, with reduced landfill costs if the existing roof covering is simply overlaid; reduced labour costs with less time required for the job; reduced long-term risk as Dryseal is guaranteed against leaks for 20 years and lower embodied CO2 than any comparable roofing system. As the colour of Dryseal’s polyester topcoat can be mixed to any BS or RAL colours, the customer’s ideal finish can by tailormade at Nationwide Fibreglass.

Ideal for commercial buildings

Dryseal has been successfully implemented across a range of commercial installation projects, including a private hospital in Sligo, Ireland. The original failed asphalt roof was overlaid with 100mm insulation and Dryseal. From the installation, the hospital has seen many benefits in return, with the major and most important advantage being huge savings in heating costs. Due to its durable features and 20-year lifespan guarantee, this system has become increasing popular across the commercial sector.

As we are approved contractors at Nationwide Fibreglass, our professional opinion recommends Dryseal as a trusted, robust roofing option to not just meet the needs of diverse Co. Dublin, but the entire island of Ireland. If you’re in the Dublin area and are keen to learn more about our fibreglass roofing solutions, call us for a free quotation on 0866055018.

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